Skills for Success Workplace Practitioner

The Skills for Success model is for all Canadians who need to improve their foundational and transferable skills. The model responds to the needs of the current and future labour market.

As part of the Workplace Connections Project, funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Skills for Success Program, and to support sustainability of the Skills for Success across sectors and across Canada,  Workplace Education Manitoba will be recruiting and training participants to complete the Skills for Success Workplace Practitioner Certification Program.

Skills for Success

The Program is built around the new Skills for Success Framework. The Skills for Success Workplace Practitioner Certification Program funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Skills for Success Program is specifically designed to highlight the foundational and functional skills and abilities required to best serve the educational needs of learners, to support optimal learning, and to enhance organizations overall.

Skills for Success Practitioners are encouraged to engage in professional growth by also considering the strategic competencies needed to make an impact beyond the learning environment.

As part of the Practitioner Certification Program, Practitioners also achieve a Certificate in Relational Skills and have the ability to deliver customized relational skills to organizations across Canada.

Who can apply to become a Certified Skills for Success Practitioner?


SMEs – business owners or designates who have HR or training functions


HR professionals




Workplace Trainers

Graduates of the Skills for Success Workplace Practitioner Certificate Program will benefit by being able to:


Understand aspects of the Skills for Success Framework which is considered foundational to for teaching skills identified as necessary for success at work in 21st Century. 


Build your own competency in skills related to the Skills for Success Framework.


Co-facilitate learning by adapting your training, speaking and materials to specific audiences.


Lead the conversation in your workplace and network related to Skills for Success.


Apply content from the Relational Skills component of the program, in whole or in part, to deliver customized training in workplaces.

Details about the Certification Program

Dates and locations for the Certification program:

Registrations are closed for Cohort 4; however, we are compiling a wait list for potential intake in 2025 or for future opportunities. Additionally, we are keenly looking for workplaces eager to enhance their teams ‘dynamics’ through our Relational Skills training program.

You can apply to be admitted into the Certification Program by completing an application form, click on the button below to get started.

Congratulations to our newly Certified Skills for Success Practitioners and Relational Skills Trainers:

  • Andrea  Jacques – British Columbia
  • Chad Morton – Manitoba

  • Cindy McKay – Manitoba

  • Chris McAuley – Ontario
  • Dan Wischnewski – Manitoba
  • Dana Bergman – Manitoba
  • Danelle Hueging – Manitoba
  • Danica Isherwood – British Columbia
  • Darrell Stewart – Manitoba
  • Giacomo Tucci – Alberta
  • Hyacinth (Lorna) Murray – Ontario
  • Jacob Robar – Prince Edward Island
  • Jaime Mann – Manitoba
  • Jennifer Walter – Alberta
  • Jharna Muhammad Rafiq – Alberta
  • Jodi Lee – Manitoba
  • Julie Bell – Manitoba
  • Katherine Lazaruk – British Columbia
  • Kelly Karius – Alberta
  • Linda Loewen – Manitoba
  • Lori Johnston – Prince Edward Island
  • Louise Neil – Manitoba
  • Michelle Pruder – Manitoba
  • Mubarka Butt – Saskatchewan
  • Oyeyemi Oyebola – Manitoba
  • Paul Sparks – Ontario
  • Porcia Blake – British Columbia
  • Stephanie Torr – Prince Edward Island
  • Susan Kuz – Manitoba
  • Susan Washington – British Columbia
  • Toby Michaud – British Columbia
  • Troy Clarke – Manitoba
  • Voula Pantelis – Ontario

The program is also offered online, click on the button below for more information.